Theme Music Rocks

Lyrics by C. Scott Davis and Music by Michael Kamen

Fearless Leader posts the theme, on our Facebook web page
Just as soon as it goes up, you can queue the Outrage
Lots of conversation, Lots of Making Song
It's been around for 3 years now and still it's going strong

Theme Music Rocks. Theme Music Rocks Rocks.

Every year they get together, some time in October
They meet up at Smith's Olde Bar (Some are even sober)
I have never been there, and that's such a dreadful bore
But I am really hoping I can go to Themestock 4!

To do the Rock. To do the Rock Rock. Do the Themestock Rock.
Well, it's stimulating!

Brandi Ediss makes an album, Such anticipation
Sometimes she seems taken back by all the adoration
We don't mean to cause her any stress, but I confess, we can't be swerved
'Cos we all know the admiration is deserved

She does the Rock. She does the Rock.

Heard Joe Giddings wrote a song, took about three hours
That seems quite amazing, but it's just his super power
And every song he does is so impressive (it's a gift, you know?)
I could never craft a song with such ability

He does the Rock. He does the Rock. He does the Rock. Do ya get it?
It's just amazing -- How's he do it?

Kirsten, Larry, Kai and Derel, Andrea and Erik
Kyle, Zoenda, Nevin, Ingrid, Stacy, Tim and Isaac
People I've collaborated with, That's just to name a few
It was such an honour Making Song with all of you

We do the Rock, that's right. We do the Rock.

Thanks, Matt Brown, for bringing us your glorious creation
You're the Founding Father of the mighty TM Nation
There is something special here, and all us themesters hold it dear
Words can not express how much Theme Music means to me

Theme Music Rocks. Theme Music Rocks!
Theme Music Rocks, Theme Music Rocks, Theme Music Rocks, Theme Music Rocks
TM Rocks, TM Rocks, TM TM TM TM, TM Rocks!
Fun Times, Fun Times! Fun Times, Fun Times!
Well you can't get enough of it, man! Fun Times, Fun Times!
Well you gotta Make Song, man! If you're gonna Make Song, really Make Song!
I hope you are getting what I say.
Come to TM. TM will cure your ills, man! Stimulating, stimulating! Fun times!
Fun times, fun times!
Give it a listen, man. You deserve it, ya know?
Everybody, everybody, Make Song. Fun times, Fun times!


Copyright 1986-2016 C. Scott Davis
All original songs, compositions and lyrics are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Licence.
All cover versions, songs/music used in fan videos and video clips are copyright of their respective owners.
The music for the English-language cover of "Laisse Tomber les Filles" is licensed from EMI Music Publishing (Licence #31941029).
"All I Seem to Find is Green" performed by Jethal Silverwing
Album Art created by Mark Davis

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